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Who we are.

Every day our organization works to provide necessary medical care to burnt children across the globe.

We represent burned Syrian children who have nowhere else to turn.

The ongoing war in Syria is causing unimaginable harm to innocent children, leaving them scarred and burned. Tragically, many of these children lack access to the medical care they desperately need. That's why we exist - to give these children hope and a chance to heal. We offer life-saving surgery, a safe place to live, and education to Syrian children in the United States.

We provide access to life-changing surgery.

These children have suffered unimaginable pain and trauma, but we are here to give them hope and a chance at a better life. The surgery we provide is not just a medical procedure - it's a lifeline. It not only helps prevent infection and improve limb function, but it also helps restore their dignity and self-worth. It gives them a chance to play, to laugh, and to live without constant pain. We are committed to improving the lives of these children, one surgery at a time.

Our Mission.

BCRF is committed to transforming the lives of burned children by offering comprehensive support, including surgical treatment, housing, education, and transportation to burn centers. We are dedicated to healing the physical and emotional scars of war and giving these children a chance at a brighter future.

We give burnt children the opportunity to live a full and enriched life. 

Our children's journey to healing is a long one, with recovery times averaging over a year. But we don't just want them to survive, we want them to thrive. That's why as soon as they arrive with us, we enroll them in school so they can continue their education. We give them the support they need to live a full life, not just lie in a hospital bed. We want them to have the chance to play, to laugh, and to dream again. We believe that every child deserves a chance to live their best life, and we are dedicated to making that happen for these children.

Our Executive Board.

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Saed Moujtahed


Susan Baaj


Lawrence Hoodack


Dr. Haifa Azzawi

Outreach Chair

Sherry Cooper

Director of Media and Outreach

Hollie McKay

Vice President

Abdul Barazi

Help us treat burnt children.

Your support makes a real difference in the lives of child burn victims and help to provide them with the care and support they need to recover and thrive.

Support our efforts.

Thanks for your support!

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